A snake on your pie

Greek Christmas breads and New Year pies have often  impressive decorations such as serpentine figures made of dough. The serpent is  a survival of the doctrine for the oikouros ofis*, the ancient home-protecting serpent, which believed to be an incarnation of Erechtheus
Of course, not only Erechtheus was depicted as a snake but also Ζeus Ktesios (the Acquirer), the protector of the storehouse, was represented as such. The Minoan snake-goddess was a house goddess too.  

The cult of the house snake still survives in parts of  Greece. Among farmers, we find the snake as a spirit of the earth, a spirit who possesses life-giving powers and ensues health and good fortune.  

New Year Pie. Bread Museum, Amfikleia

So, don’t forget to decorate your New Year pie with a dough- snake. 
May it bring you health, happiness and prosperity. 

Oikouros: the word is a compound of oikos= “house” and ouros = “a watcher”.
Ofis: snake

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                                                   Happy New Year Bread


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