…. your own stakovoutyro, the famous sun-kissed butter from Chania (Crete).
It is not difficult if you have access to fresh milk from a goat. A mixture of fresh goat and sheep milk is also fine.
Then you have to skim the fat cream layer that forms on top of the milk and refrigerate it.
Once a sufficient quantity is collected leave it under the sun for 4-5 days. You will see butter starting to form, but you can get a lot more, if….


Woman making staka for a banquet

…if you place the  butterfat over low fire till melted, stirring constantly with a whisk.
Then gradually add barley or wheat flour while stirring (it is 1 1/2 -2 tbs flour per 1 k. butterfat). The proteins in the butterfat coagulate during warming and the flour assist them to form the staka, a type of roux that is not used as thickening agent though.
The fat part separates to form stakovoutyro, staka butter. Add a pinch of salt before removing from fire. Transfer the butter to a clean jar and keep refrigerated. A touch of it adds  flavor and richness in rice, pasta dishes and cookies. Rice- pilaf, one of the glories of Chania’s cookery, is stirred with hot stakovoutyro before serving.
Serve the staka while still warm, after you sprinkle it with lemon juice. Fresh sourdough bread goes perfect with it. If you will keep it in the fridge you can use it in cooking.
Another typically Cretan use of staka is in fried eggs. A walnut- sized piece of it make them a delicate pleasure.


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