Boy selling koulouria. Postal card (early 20cent., Heraklion (Crete)

I am a big fan of freshly made koulouri. Covered with sesame seeds, crusted on the outside and soft on the inside, still warm if I am lucky, koulouri is my perfect snack. So, it is not strange that I don’t like the fashion has risen over the last couple of years: koulouria made with puff pastry are stuffed with cheese, or olives, or cream or chocolate before baking. They are too salty or too sweet for my taste.

However there is a version that cracks me up… It is the soft koulouri –not the crunchy one- stuffed with fresh tomato and feta cheese. It is easy to make it yourself, if you buy some extra koulouria from the street vendor. Cut the koulouri in two, place thin slices of tomato, feta cheese, sweet black olives and origano and make a kind of sandwich. You can toast it if you like. Kids love it too.

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