See you in September

Tomato keftedes (Nikos & Maria Psilakis, The secret of good health. Olive oil. p.117-8)

3 medium – size ripe tomatoes seeded and finely chopped1 grated medium onion1 tsp salt½ tsp pepper1 tsp dried rubbed oregano1 tbsp parsley or mint, finely chopped1 cup self-rising flourolive oil for fryingIn a large bowl put onion, tomatoes, oregano, parsley or mint, salt and freshly ground pepper. Add flour and knead until the ingredients are well combined and have the consistency of a thick batter. Heat olive oil in a frying pan and when it’s ready take tablespoons of the batter and drop carefully into the pan. Dry on kitchen roll and serve immediately. One egg, 3 tbsps cheese and one more tbsp flour can be added to the batter, if desired. The tomato keftedes consist a dish traditional of cuisine of Santorini.

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