The following list includes only a small part of high quality Greek products exported, so it will be enriched from time to time.

Biolea Organic Olive Oil and Nerantzio (koroneiki olives,  stone milled and cold pressed with fresh whole  bitter oranges).

Biojoy Organic Olive Oil.

Irini Olive Oil has been awarded several times in the last years, including the Mario Solinas award in Spain. It is exported in Denmark and Sweden.

Gaea- Kritsa Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is produced at Kritsa- one of Crete’s oldest olive groves. This unique extra virgin olive oil has won a lot of Greek and international awards. You can find it here.

Sitia Olive Oil  has also been recognized internationally and has been awarded several times. Considerable amounts of BIO SITIA (biological extra virgin olive oil), SITIA 0, 3 (extra virgin olive oil) και SITIA 0, 7 (extra virgin olive oil  are exported to Germany, Canada, Australia and Russia.

Kalamata olives.

If you live in Belgium, France or Holland don’t miss the dairy products of Pappas Bros. Although they produce various cheese types like gruyere, kefalotyri etc., they are known for their unique cheese type named “Ziros“. It is a hard cheese with intense flavor made with spring sheep milk.

Daphnis and Chloe: culinary herbs.  You can buy them online.

Image of Three Oregano Set

Balsamon mustard: aged balsamic vinegar, honey, extra virgin olive oil and herbs add a smooth and very pleasant taste to this internationally awarded mustard.

Ef zyn Paste of sun dried tomatoes from Tinos island in cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and Ef zyn tomato sauce with vegetables and fruits.

Trikalinos grey mullet bottarga, traditionally prepared and packed in beeswax.  A superb product  of astonishing flavour. You can find it here

Chios mastic and mastic products by Chios mastiha growers association. Dozens of various mastiha products can be found in Mastihashops (New York, Paris, Jeddah) arranged into 6 different categories: natural mastiha, foodstuffs, organic, traditional products, beverages, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and folk items.

Kozani crocus- Red Greek saffron: The dried red- gold strands of the purple crocus flowers are exported all over the world under the name “Krokos Kozanis.


Sea salt

Aged assyrtiko vinegar: A unique sweet vinegar brings together the traditional French recipe from Orleans and Italy’s Aceto Balsamico.

Greek wines. During last years Greek wines have been tremendously improved. More about them, here and here and here

TuVunu: Greek Mountain Tea Beverage.

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