Vasilopita (St. Vasilio’s pie) is a powerful new year’s symbol of fertility and good luck for the rest of the year.
If nowadays in many occasions, we have transformed it into a big, sweet cake there are still Greek women who make the vasilopita using recipes, sweet or salty, passed down from mother to daughter. Watch this video to see how to make and decorate a traditional bread- pie from Varnavas / Attica (European bread museum of Varnavas).

Vasilopita or Vasila from Varnavas
2 kilos of flour
4 envelopes dry yeast
In a large bowl shift flour and make a well in the centre. Pour in the yeast dissolved in plenty of warm water and mix well. Knead for 15 minutes, adding flour if it is sticky or warm water if it is too hard. Place the dough on one or two olive-oiled baking dishes. Put the lucky coin into the “heart” of the dough. Cover it and let it rise for 2 hours.
In the meantime  make dough with flour, water and salt. With a knife make shapes intending to bring fertility, luck for the rest of the year and to prevent the evil eye from entering house: a cross, a house, trees, animals and the hand of Virgin Mary.
Bake in preheated oven (200° C) until golden brown and cooked through.
Turn the loaf onto a wire rack and allow to cool.
Best wishes for a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year!!!


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