Can you guess what it is?

More importantly, what ingredient gives it its colour?

The  first person to comment to the question with the right answer will win this ingredient.




17 thoughts on “QUIZ

  1. The colour is neither molasses nor rye flour. However this darkening effect has been produced by a sort of flour.

  2. ok, I’m having another stab at it.
    The only dark coloured thing that comes to mind is olives.
    I’m going with olive flour. Is there such a thing?

  3. Tania, Maria, in the past, this sort of flour that produces the dark colour was a staple food, indeed the only resource for ‘the very poor man’s bread’! Today it has been revived as a luxury ingredient.

  4. Emanuel yes!! The color comes from chrestnut flour. E-mail me your address and I’ll send you a packet of a wonderful Greek chestnut flour.

    Stamatia, Christina, Maria… sorry!! 🙂

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