A Christmas meal



A  dinner after Christmas



A New Year’s Eve dinner


Holiday season is finally over…

No more tables filled with mountain of delicacies.

Though  they hid us for a few days from world’s despair and Greece’s economic depression.

Holiday season is over…  And we cannot longer pretend that poverty, desperation and hopelessness don’t surround us.


  1. I was walking the street in Beirut and a man walked past me, disheveled, and he asked me with despair in his voice ” Ma’am, do you know someone that would need to hire a chauffeur? I could do anything,..I tried everything..his voice trailed off and he started bawling, while he continued walking…leaving totally shook up and as devastated as he was at that moment.
    What can we do? we know it exists, but it seems insurmountable. there are so many people in desperate situations!

  2. Yes it is everywhere. But there are those among us who don’t feel it at all. For those of us who are feeling it, it’s harder than ever. So much frustration and difficulty that all you can do is slog through it to get to the other side. I’m not sure how much of a respite the holidays provided but…Well, happy new year to all nonetheless.

  3. Yes Joumana, there are so many people in desperate situations.
    Yes Rachel there is so much difficulty, everywhere.
    In Greece, we face one of the most serious economic crisis of the past fifty years.
    Huge national debt, wasteful public spending, strong tension between ultra modernity and archaism, archaic social framework, blocked middle-class, sharp decline in country’s sales indicate that the depression seriously hurts the middle class, the young, the old, the poor and migrants.
    And yes Ivy, I am afraid that the worst part is coming.

  4. Yes George, in the view of the present economic crisis we must concentrate on our more basic needs and be more innovative.
    Maria, Penny, we can hope of course, but one hand washes the other and together they wash the face.

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