One of my favourite bloggers, the lovely Tangled Noodle has passed on to me the Fabulous Blog Award.  Since I am the honored recipient of it- thanks a lot, Tangled Noodle- I have to pass it on to five other blogs I think are fabulous and also admit five addictions.

So, the award goes to:
1) Meditteranean Cooking in Alaska. Laurie is kind, generous and passionate about foraging and Mediterranean cooking based on local Alaskan ingredients. I always read her posts with great interest and enjoyment.
Rachel Laudan. If you are looking for a unique perspective on food history, food politics and globalization, don’t miss her posts.
Field to Feast. Carolyn gives a fascinating look at food’s role in African culture and everyday life.
Organically cooked. Maria lives and cooks in Chania of Crete, using local organic ingredients. Her recipes and stories bring me back to my roots.
Thorngrove Table. A great blog about Christina’s adventures in medieval and modern cuisine.

You all deserve it!!

And my five addictions are:

1) Reading, reading, reading.


3) Cooking.

4) Knowing other cultures and beliefs.

5) Eccentric jewels.

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