Human Rights

Contrary to popular belief that ancient Olympics was dotted by heroic and pure victories, they were often plaqued by scandals, cheating and wars. The famous Olympic Truce did not stop all wars in Greece: Sparta attacked to the small city state of Eleia (420 B.C.) and Arcadians invaded the Olympic sanctuary itself (364 B.C.).

The modern Olympic games not only can never stop a war, but many host countries have even been accused for suppression of human freedom. Leading up to the 2008 Olympics, China failed to live up to its promise to improve human rights. Torture, control on religious freedom, repression of ethnic minorities, censorship of the media and internet is getting worse than it was before the promise. ‘China currently holds the world record for the largest number of imprisoned journalists and cyber-dissidents. One of the most prominent stories includes journalist Shi Tao, who is serving a 10-year sentence in a Chinese prison for sending an email!’

Please call on the Chinese government to release all Chinese people who are jailed simply for their legitimate use of the Internet and protect the right to freedom of expression and information.

Since Yahoo provided information to the Chinese Government, which led Shi Tao in prison, please ask Yahoo not to violate Human Rights.

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