Semi-hard cheeses

Batzos: a white cheese which is made with sheep’s or a mixture of sheep’s and goat’s unpasteurized and slightly unbattered milk. It is very good for saganaki. (DOC)

Kasseri (Xanthi, Macedonia, Thessaly, Lesvos island): a pale yellow cheese, of ‘pasta filata’ type. The greek version of balkanian kashkaval and italian caciocavallo is made with sheep’s unpasteurized milk or a mixture with goat’s milk. It is used at table, for grilling, in pastries. (DOC)

Mastelo (island of Chios): it is made with cow’s milk. It has slightly salty taste because it stays for few days in brine. It is delicious when it is roasted or as saganaki.

Metsovone (it is made by Baron Tositsa Foundation in Metsovo of Epirus): a smoked cheese which is made with cow’s or/and sheep’s unpasteurized milk, in the pasta filata method. It is an excellent quality table cheese, with a flavour similar to the italian provolone. It is also consumed as saganaki. (DOC)

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